The Simpsons: Completed – Dec 18

Going to build a gingerbread version of the Simpson’s house. Got the battle plans ready… hopefully this doesn’t turn into an epic fail. I’ll post flicks when it’s done.

So I baked all the gingerbread a couple days ago. This morning I cut out all the pieces. Gonna let it dry out and harden for a few more days… then it’s building time!

The gingerbread has gotten stale enough to work with now. I mixed up some Royal Icing (egg whites, lemon juice, and icing sugar) and started building! After I realized I gotta eventually move this thing off the cutting board, idiot. So I gotta let what I’ve done so far set so it doesn’t fall apart when I transfer it to some cardboard or something.

PS: It’s nice to use my rum glasses for something other then gettin wasted.

Finally after a bit of a hiatus I buckled down and finished off the house. I added some red and yellow food dye to the icing I made and splattered it on.

I used some white chocolate for the windows and a cheese slice for the front door and the door for the car hole.

Some Shreddies to top off the roof.

The final product. It’s pretty sloppy but that’s what happens when you’re an amateur. I’m happy with the result, it was a lot of fun to do!


5 responses to “The Simpsons: Completed – Dec 18

  1. yay! we’re going to have fun ❤

  2. Charlie Sweatpants

    That is a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to see the pictures (completed or in progress).

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